Pregnancy Running Ebook

Pregnancy Running Ebook

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Are you pregnant and want to continue running throughout your pregnancy? Are you trying to run but pelvic pain that is possibly making it unbearable? This pregnancy running program was developed by certified running coach Christine from team Relentless Runners. Christine successfully overcame all pelvic pain she was experiencing and ran up until she delivered her son, including a half marathon in her third trimester.

After pelvic pain sidelined her in her first pregnancy, Christine set out to learn how to strengthen her pelvic floor and core. She worked with a Pelvic PT Specialist who helped her recognize the proper muscles and then how to strengthen them. This eBook will teach you the same!

You can start this program at anytime throughout your pregnancy! You should, however, already been running before you got pregnant in order to continue running through your pregnancy. Consult with your doctor before beginning this program.

What you will get;

  • 4 week running training plan that builds you over 3 weeks and then the 4th week is a recovery week. You repeat the 4 week cycle for your entire pregnancy

  • 3 pelvic floor video workouts

  • 1 full body video workout

  • 1 pre-run video routine

  • 1 hip strengthening video routine

  • Christine’s favorite pregnancy gear recommendations