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Mile 1: the history

Toni Kengor and Christine Nichols virtually connected over their love of running back in 2014 while they were both training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. After the marathon, they stayed in touch every now and then… their convo’s always being about their hopes and dreams in running, and ideas they had related to helping others in the sport.

They went on to help their family and friends who wanted to dip their toes into the running world, and also earned their RRCA Certifications to learn more.

Following Toni earning her certification, she was inspired to start a business. She took an online course to learn how to do such a thing and created “Run to Health.” After a few months of coaching a handful of athletes on her own, she felt like something was missing. A team environment. She had big dreams and knew she didn’t want to tackle those dreams alone.

This lead to her re-connecting with her virtual running soul-sister, Christine! Asking if she’d want to go in on this dream together. After an exciting response of,


they went on to collaborate, rebrand, and in April 2016 launched “Relentless Runners.”

The name represents a feeling they wanted to achieve. A team environment. Something that represented their competitive nature (as they both were former collegiate athletes). The word ‘Relentless’ was on the back of Toni’s college soccer warm-up jersey, and that word has stuck with her ever since.

Since launching, the teams athlete and coaching bench continues to grow - and the goal is to keep growing, keep inspiring, and keep helping athletes from all over the world achieve their greatest potential in their running journey.