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Toni Kengor, co-founder, running coach

rrca certified running coach

contact: toni@relentlessrunners.com

Hey, I'm Toni!  I love to see the world through running, watching baseball games, and random adventures with my yellow lab named Brooks (Yup, like the running company)! I'm from a little town in eastern Pennsylvania called Mohnton, but now consider Pittsburgh to be more like home...for half of the year! Let me explain... my husband’s a professional baseball player, so I love hittin' the road (wherever that may be) to support him chasing his dreams, while I also chase my own! 

I found running after my collegiate soccer days were over, and lost all hope in finding something that could excite my competitive spirit again. Running was actually something I completely resented for the longest time! After taking my first step, and crossing my first finish line with my college besties, I became, I fell in love with the concept of keeping one foot in front of the other, and the "ME vs. ME" mentality. My mind, body, and even career have transformed thanks to this amazing sport, I'm constantly learning...and going after goals and dreams I never thought were possible! 

I'm really excited to be able to share that passion with you all through this community, and hope to hear about, and maybe even be a part of your run story someday! 


  • 5K: 23:13

  • 10 Miler: 1:15

  • Half Marathon: 1:45

  • 30K: 2:33

  • Marathon: 3:35


christine nichols, co-founder, running coach

RRCA certified running coach

contact: christine@relentlessrunners.com

Hey guys, I'm Christine! My passion for running has grown from hating every minute and not being able to finish one mile, to running marathons, gaining friends, loving the sport and starting a business to coach others. Everything from taking runfies, crossing the finish line, laughing with run buddies, and pushing through the pain is why I continue to lace up. It has taught me to push through hard times in all areas of life. It has gotten me through some of the hardest points in my life and I always say if it wasn't for running I don't know where I would be. 

My other passions include my husband and high school sweetheart, stroller running with my baby boys Carter and Caleb, my puppy Maverick, lifting heavy weights and drinking wine! 

Running is a part of me in every way - ask anyone who knows me. I am always pushing myself to be bigger, better, faster, and stronger. One of my life mottos is, "Do what you need to do today to get to where you want to be tomorrow." If you want to buy a house, start saving today. If you want to run a marathon, start training today.  Set yourself up for success. It all comes down to a choice.

Christine was featured on the Today Show for running through her pregnancy. You can check it out here!


  • 5K: 21:34

  • Half Marathon: 1:46

  • Marathon: 3:42


Audrey springer, running coach

RRCA certified running coach

Contact: audrey@relentlessrunners.com

Hey, I'm Audrey! Running and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but I can't remember my life without it!  I have been around this sport so long (16 years!) that helping others see the beauty in reaching goals is where my heart strives to be! 

I grew up a competitive soccer player but turned to cross country in 8th grade and honestly haven't looked back since! Running became part of my life and through a college scholarship I continued my dream. Crazy to think I was an 800 meter runner one season and a 5k cross country runner the next! 

After graduating I moved to the hills of Knoxville, Tennessee (hello Smoky Mountains)!! Being able to call myself a marathoner was a lifelong dream that became a reality in 2015! 4 marathons and 1 Boston marathon later, I only hope that I can pour my love of this sport on all aspiring runners! 

I love to travel and see the world by foot, one of the coolest experiences being I ran across Ireland! This sport is nothing without friends, as I love Ragnar Relays and going through the journey of a race and training with someone next to you makes it so much more enjoyable! Being a coach, I hope to be apart of the journey with you and help you reach your goals!! 

Running has taken me through so many periods of my life and it changes all the time, but one thing is for sure, I wouldn't be me without it! 

If I've learned anything it is, no one can tell you how big your dream can be! No matter what that may be!! Through hard work and the never ending belief that you will achieve it, we can make it happen! 


  • 5k: 19:36

  • Half Marathon: 1:35

  • Marathon: 3:20


crystal seaver, strength coach

certified personal trainer, rrca certified running coach

contact: crystal@relentlessrunners.com

Hi! I’m Crystal. At one point in time [not thaat long ago], I hated running - like, really hated it. Today, I can check 100 miles off the list. I’ll save the details for later - the story get’s pretty long. The summarized version: we can all do hard things - in running and life. You learn that along the way.

When it comes to training, I whole heartedly believe in taking a hybrid approach - that means a collaborative mix of running, strength training and recovery. I will always talk about your training and strength plan in terms of performance - that means, feel good first, look good second. That’s important. 

Fitness started as passion and has grown into a career - I coach, I run, I lift weights and spend a lot of time sharing my own stories of real life. I will be based in Charlotte, North Carolina for the next year - pursuing passion, soaking up the sunshine, finding the best mountains and trails, training for my next big goal [Squamish 50/50] and, embracing the life adventure with my other half, step daughter and two fur babies, Belle and Summit.