do i have to be training for a race to work with you guys?

NO - Our athletes are working towards a wide variety of goals! Many do have goal races, however, others who don’t have a goal race on the schedule are usually:

  • Rebuilding from an injury

  • Base building to prepare for their next race

  • Doing a season of speed that’s not focused on a goal race

  • Getting into running for the first time

  • Transitioning from a run/walk to continuous running

  • etc!

Do i have to be “fast” to be on your team?

Your goals are our goals. Experience, pace, etc. doesn’t matter to us. We’re a welcoming community who works with athletes of all levels, all speeds… and we get EXCITED about whatever goal you’re chasing! We have athletes who are getting into running for the first time, and one’s who are chasing qualifying standards in the marathon distance!

what does your communication with your athletes look like?

We pride ourselves in having great communication with our athletes. We offer unlimited contact (athlete initiated) via text, e-mail, and through Final Surge (a tool we use to track our athletes’ training). We also have a Kick-Off Video Training Call at the start of training (30 minutes), optional monthly video calls (30 minutes), and a Race Strategy Call (up to 60 minutes) to go over the race plan! We limit how many athletes we each bring on as coaches so we can provide a quality experience and be there for everyone as much as they need us!

are your training plans created for each individual athlete?

YES - Even if we have two athletes who are training for the same race, and have the same time goal, their programs would still look different! Once you sign up with us, we send you an athlete questionnaire that asks you questions about your history, what you’re doing currently running/fitness wise, if there’s anything we need to take into account regarding life (ie. work schedule), goals, etc! From there we then set the foundation of your program, go over everything on our Kick-Off Call - and let the fun begin!

what’s the difference between your beginner and advanced programs you have on your site?

Our beginner programs do not include any speed work (track workouts, tempo runs, goal pace runs, etc) with a moderate mileage build. Whereas our Advanced program includes 1-2 speed sessions per week, as well as higher weekly mileage. For both programs we offer 4 additional base building weeks, and please know recovery weeks are built in to both plans to allow for adaptions as you continue to build for race day!

Do you offer nutrition coaching?

NOT YET! We fully intend to bring on a Nutrition Coach to our team. However, as of right now we provide standard running specific nutrition assistance (provided by each coach). We also have a Nutrition E-book available that covers this as well!