Running While Pregnant

By: Christine Nichols

By: Christine Nichols

Running can be difficult. We all know that. But running while pregnant... now that can be HARD! There's no question about it. You're carrying extra weight. You're extra tired. Your legs might be swollen. You may have random heartburn. You're most likely nauseous. And the list can go on and on. BUT, just because you're pregnant, it doesn't mean these things have to stop you from running (assuming doctors clearance of course)

Running does not come easy for me. It never has. And pregnancy running most definitely does not come easy! I want to share with you 4 tips of things I have done that have helped me run through this pregnancy.

  • Wear a belly support band while running and when not running if needed. I didn't need one really until my bump grew but now I wear it on almost all my runs. I use the @baobeimaternity sport band and it's basically a sports bra for your belly. I feel very supported and snug with it on and as a plus it helps keep my shirts down now that my belly is bigger.

  • Hydrate! While pregnant you need more water than usual. And if you are running and pregnant you need even more. And if you are pregnant, running and it's hot out... you need A LOT! So drink up ladies, it helps with more than you realize! Read this post to learn why hydration is so important and how much you need.

  • Slow down your runs. Your body can produce 50% more blood volume while pregnant which means your heart is working overtime to pump it through your body. Then you run on top of it and it's naturally in overdrive making sure everything is working properly. So give your body a break and slow your runs down. Most women do this naturally because you'll be more out of breath at slower paces anyways with the extra weight and as you grow it becomes hard to push the pace. Now isn't the time to worry about times or PRs so just enjoy the fact that you're running and don't even wear a watch if it helps.

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor and core. I can't stress this enough. You don't have to have pelvic pain to do this. This is something that will help tremendously with labor and a speedy recovery so I highly recommend doing exercises throughout. I've posted a lot of exercises that my pelvic PT specialist prescribed me on my IG page in my feed and highlight reel. Feel free to check them out here

Running through your pregnancy can be such a fun time for you and your baby. It's a time to learn about yourself and bond with the little bun in the oven. It's also a very humbling experience! I was lucky enough to have the Today Show reach out to learn more about my pregnancy running. 

Christine Nichols