7 Ways to Make Every Day Count

By: Christine Nichols

By: Christine Nichols

Every single day you wake up with the choice to grind it out.

Do you choose to hit the snooze button? Do you choose to keep watching Netflix? Do you choose to keep being late for work or keep sticking your hand in the oreo box? Whether it's fitness, relationships, career, school, running, diet, whatever it is, every day you choose to give it 110% ... or you don't. 

I had somewhat of an epiphany the other day. For the last few years I have been trying every single diet plan. Every workout. Every type of race. Anything that I thought would help me achieve the aesthetics I wanted. All of which kept failing because my reasons and intentions were all wrong. My turning point was honestly when I almost gave up. One day after again failing at whatever diet I was on I literally said, "I quit. I'm done! I don't care anymore and I don't want to try one more diet fad! I'm done with it all! I just want to be happy and not care so much!"

Then all of the sudden I cared to care. I wanted to care more about being happy and not about the aesthetics. The fact that I said I quit was so strange to me because it's not a common thing I say. I'm not a quiter. I am a winner. I am a competitor. I am an athlete. I am not someone who doesn't care. 

Since I started running I always had an end date. There was always a race date that I was training for and because of that everything in my mind was short term. "Oh I just need to hold out on eating this whole pizza until after the race" or "I need to train as hard as I can every single day until the race, then I can relax." But what kind of living is that?! It caused me so much yo-yoing that it was breaking me down mentally. It was leading to binging and spurts of not running or working out at all!

On the day when I told myself I quit was basically the best thing I could have done. It was literally like something was lifted from my shoulders. Finally there isn't an end date anymore that I'm chasing. There isn't a "I'll start over on Monday" because there is no fad diet I'm following. I started seeing it rather as every single day I need to bust it out because there is no end date. This is it! This is my life and every day is the grind. This is it! So make of it what you want!

Once I told myself that the urge to continue with my unhealthy habitual emotional eating started to pass. I didn't feel the pressure to stick to my calories or my macros becasue this is it. There is no Monday reset. This is it.

It also put my training into a new perspective. Instead of telling myself, "Ugh I have to go run now because that's what my training schedule says"  it was "Yes, I get to go run today becasue I can, not because I have to!" Perspective.

Now I'm not telling you to say "I QUIT" ha but it was my breaking point. And it took me years to get to that breaking point. Like I said, I have tried every type of diet out there only to fail at all of them. My mindset was all wrong. You have to get to the point where you realize what's important to you. I've been battling for a couple years now with eating and self-image and I feel I am finally on the up.

Sometimes you have to go through the bad stormy weather to understand and appreciate the other side

Without it you won't realize how far you've come and the worth it has.

So where does that leave you? Well, when it comes to the mental aspect of it you can take my advice and learn that every day is the grind and you get out what you put in. Oprah and Bill Gates both have the same 24 hours in a day that you do... think about that for a second.....

Here are some of the physical / fitness related things that you can do EDD throughout your day to keep you constantly and consistently reaching towards your goal with NO END DATE:

1. Quickie in the shower

Every time you take a shower do the following (carefully please!):

  • 25 regular squats

  • 30 calf raises regular

  • 25 sumo squats (toes pointed out)

  • 30 calf raises toes pointed out

  • 25 close stance squats

  • 30 calf raises toes pointed in

2. Breakfast, coffee and some booty werk

When your coffee is brewing and your breakfast cooking bust out some lunges!

3. Ditch the elevator!

Take those stairs and work those hams, booty and calves. I understand if you're on the 20th floor though lol

4. Desk job? No problem!

Get rid of the awful desk chair and swap in a yoga ball to improve your posture and engage your core. If you really want to go above and beyond you can do some in and out planks on the ball on your lunch break :)

5. Beat your dog at fetch

Haha ok this one is just to see if you'll do it. But every night after work I go home and throw the ball to my very energetic German Shepherd and instead of just throwing and waiting for him to get it, try beating him there. They will love it and you'll get tired out really quick but if you get that ball props to you!

6. Dinner and a push up

While you're making dinner do some incline push-ups on the counter top. Just grab the edge of the counter and put your body at about a 45 degree angle and do 3 sets of 20 push-ups.

7. Look forward to commercial breaks

There's nothing wrong with kickin it back and binging on some Grey's Anatomy but why not make the commercial breaks active?! Everytime a commercial comes on jump up and bust out the following before the show comes back on:

  • 10 jumping jacks

  • 15 coffee table tricep dips

  • 15 jump squats

  • walking lunges around the living room

  • 10 push-ups

Start by doing these little things every.damn.day to start getting your body and mind in the habit of realizing that there isn't an end date. There is only today. Only the next 24 hours that you have to work with and it's on you to make the best of it!

Christine Nichols